Toon Squad

Toon Squad is a puzzle battle RPG designed to funnel casual players into a social mid-core game. Capturing the early high retention of casual puzzle games while slowly layering on the high monetizing and long term retentive features of mid-core titles.

Puzzle Battles

Players engage in Match-3 based battles in both single player and multiplayer battles.

The more orbs you destroy, the more damage you do.


The Shop allows users to buy buildings, sales packages, and enter the gacha machines.

By using a half screen menu that appears from the bottom, players keep the context of their home city. Highlighted resource bars allow them to easily see the resources they have available to make purchases.


As one of the high monetizing features of Toon Squad, the Gacha screen is both full screen and features a mix of art with the game's flat style to give a premium feel.

When spun it features a quick but exciting animation revealing the players prize.

Board Builder

Puzzle games are heavily reliant on new and exciting puzzles to keep players engaged. To emulate this in our multiplayer focused game, we let users build their own board that their opponents will face.


As players begin to encounter the more hardcore features of the game, social features become increasingly important.

We wanted a simple and easily recognizable chat system that had the best features from the top messaging apps - typing indicators, read receipts, group chats, translation, and more.

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